Creating Calm’s Marci Zieff talks with Ken Barringer, Director of Healing, A Grief and Loss Support Program in Newton, MA, about Meditation and Shamanic Practices for Healing

Listen to this esteemed group of colleagues and friends engaged in a discussion on ways to help manage grief and loss during the 2020 Taste of Healing Conference.

Watch the entire YouTube series on Dealing with Grief and Loss

Created by our friend Ken Barringer. Discussions with local healing practitioners – all participants in the recent Taste of Healing event.

Acupuncture for the Healing of Grief, featuring Kathy Seltzer LIC. AC/ Acupuncture Care Specialist

Running to Wellness, featuring Jessica Moran/ RRCA Level 1 Certified Running Coach

Journaling Your Way to Healing, featuring Ashley Rachel / Mindset Coach

Expanding the Language of Grief, featuring Jennifer Wiles LMHC-DMT / Director, The Heartplay Program

Myths and Realities About Grief Counseling, featuring Ken Barringer / Director, H.E.A.L.I.N.G.

Meditation and Shamanic Practices for Healing, featuring Marci Zieff / Founder, Creating Calm LLC.