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I have been participating in Marci’s adult meditation group for two years. She brings a warmth and enthusiasm to each of her classes. She creates a relaxing environment and writes insightful guided meditations each week which brings me to a place of peace and self-discovery. I recommend Marci’s meditation classes to anyone looking to combat life’s daily stresses.

S.R., Sudbury, MA

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with terminal Stage IV lung cancer. Two years ago I began receiving Reiki treatment from Marci at Creating Calm while also receiving medical care. My tumor-filled lungs now show only one small tumor! The Reiki treatment offers me a calm orientation to my entire life and I believe reaches the cancer at the cellular level. We work on the cancer, the ulcerative colitis, and the immune system. Medicine, Reiki, meditation, and diet all work together.

Nancy Gleason

Marci is a sweet, caring supportive teacher.

Student Mom

I have a 10 year old son with autism and he started attending Marci's class about a year ago. At the beginning, I didn't think he would be able to sit still long enough to pay attention and follow the meditation steps. Her kindness and patience really connected with him and now he can't wait to get there each week. Given his limited language skills, she provided a picture schedule with visuals so that he can understand the poses and routine. We now see him carry over some of the techniques in school which really helps when the day gets challenging. His teachers have even built some yoga time into his day which helps him to slow down and stay focused. I would definitely have a child with or without special needs give Marci's class a try.

S.L. Sudbury, MA

(My son) has ADD (not the hyperactive component), and I have read a lot about non-medicinal ways to help, including meditation. He really felt empowered by your Martial Arts & More class. Thanks for that!


I just wanted to write and let you know how happy and pleased my son and I are with the Martial Arts and More summer class that he took at High Rock. Marci Zieff is a wonderful teacher... my son had even switched out of another class he previously registered for to enroll in Marci’s Martial Arts for another session. In the past, my son has not been interested in any sports or health-related activities, but now he seems very keen on it, thanks to Marci Zieff. She is a great teacher who connects well with all her students, even with those with special needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder). To stay healthy is the key to being successful in life.


My 6 year old loves listening to Marci’s CD at bedtime. Coupled with a session or two with Marci, so that he is familiar with her, her voice and “how to meditate,” this CD has done wonders for his ability to settle at bedtime and have something to anchor him and his routine. There are many nights now when I can tuck him in and leave him in his room “with Marci” and he happily says, “OK, good night!” and stays in his room and bed until he falls asleep. Thanks Marci for bringing the wonders of your class into our home!

Stephanie A. Leong

My teenager has been meditating with Marci for a year now and has developed calming and coping mechanisms that will serve her well throughout her life. Marci's meditations adeptly address the stresses of teenage life (of which there are many!) in a positive, soothing manner. Marci also provides a wonderful role model, with her even, kind temperament, her genuine interest in the well being of her students, and her enthusiasm for the beneficial effects of meditation. I highly recommend Creating Calm for teens!

C.G. Sudbury, MA

My daughter had a wonderful time (in the Martial Arts & More) summer class. I think her favorite part was the board breaking demo at the end, but she was pleasantly surprised by the activities that were more than martial arts, such as the meditation!

Student Mom