Don’t just take our word for it – read what some of our students and parents say about us!

I just want to thank you so sincerely for last night! I always feel so blessed by the sacred space that you create for all of us, and I just wanted you to know that.

M.L., Journey Circle Participant

Thank you so much for offering the Journey Circle tonight. It was indeed healing and helpful. The energy emanating from my hands during the guided healing meditation was stunning!! You are a blessing!

D.W., Lowell, MA

I have been participating in Marci’s adult meditation group for two years. She brings a warmth and enthusiasm to each of her classes. She creates a relaxing environment and writes insightful guided meditations each week which brings me to a place of peace and self-discovery. I recommend Marci’s meditation classes to anyone looking to combat life’s daily stresses.

S.R., Sudbury, MA

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with terminal Stage IV lung cancer. Two years ago I began receiving Reiki treatment from Marci at Creating Calm while also receiving medical care. My tumor-filled lungs now show only one small tumor! The Reiki treatment offers me a calm orientation to my entire life and I believe reaches the cancer at the cellular level. We work on the cancer, the ulcerative colitis, and the immune system. Medicine, Reiki, meditation, and diet all work together.

Nancy Gleason

Marci is a sweet, caring supportive teacher.

Student Mom

I have a 10 year old son with autism and he started attending Marci's class about a year ago. At the beginning, I didn't think he would be able to sit still long enough to pay attention and follow the meditation steps. Her kindness and patience really connected with him and now he can't wait to get there each week. Given his limited language skills, she provided a picture schedule with visuals so that he can understand the poses and routine. We now see him carry over some of the techniques in school which really helps when the day gets challenging. His teachers have even built some yoga time into his day which helps him to slow down and stay focused. I would definitely have a child with or without special needs give Marci's class a try.

S.L. Sudbury, MA

(My son) has ADD (not the hyperactive component), and I have read a lot about non-medicinal ways to help, including meditation. He really felt empowered by your Martial Arts & More class. Thanks for that!


I am still feeling the healing power of the Shamanic Retreat for Women you held us in last weekend.
Surly this is 7 fold! The medicine wheel, journeying, and sacred fire circles are such powerful tools for any era and especially now as women emerge and are reaching out with their strength.
Thank you so much and I would be interested in another retreat like it in the future.


Several friends and family members have asked how my retreat was and every time I described what I experienced, I felt myself undercutting the profound magnitude of it all because I couldn’t find the right words in that moment—or any moment. I get overwhelmed when I have to gather my experience into an intelligible bouquet of words. The English language doesn’t quite have the right words to describe what I felt and experienced in those 3 short days and I am plagued by the worry my synopsis will never sound as far reaching as the experience truly was for me. Perhaps because the adventure touched my soul more deeply than my current human form has the ability to comprehend. I think it’s okay to leave certain words unspoken, unuttered, but revered only for the sacred soul exchange that took place during that retreat. One can never truly relay an experience and have it possess the same power, it can only be transcribed. The true nature of the soul dance that we recited together as one remarkable tribe of women will remain a spectacular and significant engraving on my timeline of life. The moment in time when we experienced a heartfelt connected exchange with exceptional feminine soul essence. We exchanged intense stories, truths, support, compassion, tears, acceptance, respect and our feminine essence united into a collective force that ignited love. My biggest take away from that weekend was the palpable love that was felt, that was given, and that was received. Still now, weeks later, I have an abundance of love that is charged with positive energy. A deep caring and a reminder to me that love is infinite and that possibilities of life are indeed endless.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you all for “showing up``, and to you Marci and Carolyn, who so clearly have a gift in this arena. I appreciate the immense effort, time and financial resources you put into making this retreat a reality. You have to keep doing these retreats—if not for our tribe, for other tribes to come.


My last appointment with you was in January 2019. After the session, you shared that it was a powerful and positive reading, including that I had the strength of 50 horses. Little did I know that a few months later, my husband took a promotion in Oregon, and we lived apart for 3 months while I raised my two children, sold and bought homes, and moved across country to a state I had never been to – all almost entirely on my own while also keeping up work! It was the wildest time in life, and yet I possessed this calm strength. I am really grateful that I was able to stay calm, clear-headed and forge through the experience with stamina during this time that may not have been as successful had I not had your words in the back of my mind and a reminder. This experience is not how I usually roll in these instances. I am truly grateful for your sharing your intuition. While there are so many wonderful practitioners and healers here in Oregon, I am still only a few months new to my surroundings, and the quarantine has had me look back in MA for the resources I am most familiar with and are happy to support during this time. I look forward to connecting with you again.

L.G., Oregon

I had to share that my stomach is finally closed and that “little frog” certainly did his job! What was supposed to take 20 weeks, only took 15 and I know it was the Reiki that helped all the way. Thank you so much for your help and support with this. The before and after is crazy!

A.M., Sudbury Mother of 4

I wanted to let you know how awesome last night’s Reiki 1 certification class was! It was such a pleasure to meet and work with you, as well as the other lovely women in attendance. Thank you for creating such a welcoming, inviting, friendly experience for us all! Thank you for being so informative and answering all of our questions, as well as making us feel heard and cared for! I look forward to working with you in the near future.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for setting up such a wonderful women's retreat this past weekend. I know you worked so hard to put it together. It was such a heartfelt, profound experience and I feel so grateful that I have connected with you and all the women at the retreat this weekend. Thank you so much for providing such a safe, powerful, supportive space to listen and learn from one another. I am so looking forward to doing more of these retreats - I feel like it was an experience that I have been really missing in my life and can't wait to be part of more in the future.
Again, my gratitude and thanks for such a special weekend!!


My 6 year old loves listening to Marci’s CD at bedtime. Coupled with a session or two with Marci, so that he is familiar with her, her voice and “how to meditate,” this CD has done wonders for his ability to settle at bedtime and have something to anchor him and his routine. There are many nights now when I can tuck him in and leave him in his room “with Marci” and he happily says, “OK, good night!” and stays in his room and bed until he falls asleep. Thanks Marci for bringing the wonders of your class into our home!

Stephanie A. Leong

It was the best experience ever!


My teenager has been meditating with Marci for a year now and has developed calming and coping mechanisms that will serve her well throughout her life. Marci's meditations adeptly address the stresses of teenage life (of which there are many!) in a positive, soothing manner. Marci also provides a wonderful role model, with her even, kind temperament, her genuine interest in the well being of her students, and her enthusiasm for the beneficial effects of meditation. I highly recommend Creating Calm for teens!

C.G. Sudbury, MA

My daughter had a wonderful time (in the Martial Arts & More) summer class. I think her favorite part was the board breaking demo at the end, but she was pleasantly surprised by the activities that were more than martial arts, such as the meditation!

Student Mom

I just wanted to write and let you know how happy and pleased my son and I are with the Martial Arts and More summer class that he took at High Rock. Marci Zieff is a wonderful teacher... my son had even switched out of another class he previously registered for to enroll in Marci’s Martial Arts for another session. In the past, my son has not been interested in any sports or health-related activities, but now he seems very keen on it, thanks to Marci Zieff. She is a great teacher who connects well with all her students, even with those with special needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder). To stay healthy is the key to being successful in life.