Sharing stories of those who have had life-changing experiences through their work with Marci Zieff and Creating Calm.

Nancy’s Story

Cancer survivor and Reiki client of Marci Zieff

Four years ago, Nancy received a phone call from her doctor that no one wants to receive – a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. As she sat in an office supply parking lot digesting the news, she had a strong belief that she was going to survive.

Determined to beat cancer, she listened to her doctors and began chemotherapy, did her own research on lung cancer, and changed her diet and exercise routine. She also wisely investigated alternative methods of healing, including meditation and Reiki.

Nancy met Marci Zieff, a Shamanic practitioner, Reiki master and meditation teacher, who holds sessions at both her own Creating Calm studio and at Roots and Wings Healing Arts in Natick. Nancy’s grandson had been meditating and coming for energy healing with Marci for the past several years with great results. Nancy and Marci’s meeting came at the perfect time – just after Nancy had been diagnosed with cancer.

Healing Begins

Nancy began coming in for energy sessions. What happened next has been nothing short of miraculous. The powerful combination of Shamanism and Reiki helped Nancy to deeply heal her body on a cellular level.

At the beginning of each session, Marci and Nancy talk about what is going on in Nancy’s life and her intention for the session’s energy work. This part of the session is extremely valuable, as all that is discussed presents itself for healing. Energy work follows. A discussion at the close of the session reveals impressions, insights, messages, healing mantras, power animals, and helpful tools that Nancy can use at home to continue healing outside of the session.

Nancy’s strength, positive attitude, and openness to receive have been an integral part of her healing process. She faced her illness with courage, grace, and determination. Nancy took charge of her health and continued to work hard to change her diet, take the chemotherapy prescribed, exercise, and participate in regular energy healing treatments.

Nancy describes the treatments as “helping to relieve stress and anxiety that come with a cancer diagnosis” and “helping her body to balance and heal.”


When Nancy traveled and didn’t come in for Reiki/Shamanism treatment, the scans done at the hospital showed a progression of her cancer. Progression was evident on two separate occasions during the summer when Nancy again took a break from energy healing sessions. She continued with a special diet, prescribed chemotherapy, and exercise during this time. The only variable was the absence of her weekly sessions with Marci. When she came back to weekly treatments – the cancer shrunk.

Nancy and Marci are both convinced that the energy treatments are one of the key components to the disappearance of cancer in one lung and the enormously diminished spot in the other. Most of the cancer is no longer evident in Nancy’s scans.

Ongoing Success

Nancy has learned many valuable practices throughout the sessions that she uses in her daily life. She even took a Reiki 1 certification with Marci and now uses it for self-healing. Highlights of her continued practice include:

  • • Calling on healing energies during the day at times when she needs it.
  • • Envisioning healing light and stepping into it.
  • • Paying attention to spirit animals and the messages they bring her.
  • • Using Reiki for self-healing.

Many of these practices and others can be used for your own growth and healing. To find out more, share your own story of healing, or to schedule a private session please email Marci Zieff at marci.creatingcalm [@] gmail.com, call her at  508-733-1653, or fill out the contact form on this website.