Creating Calm helps adults, teens, and children to reduce stress and anxiety, creating better health and healing to those of all ages who are searching for a more balanced, fulfilling life.


We believe that every individual has loving and wonderful qualities just waiting to emerge. We share with our students simple tools to help reduce emotional and physical stress, allowing your own unique qualities to shine through. By practicing meditation or treating yourself to an energy healing session, you give yourself a gift of a happier, calmer, healthier and more focused life.

Energy healing sessions with Marci are a unique combination of hands on reiki and sacred Shamanic practices which are each powerful in their own right. When used together they are deeply healing on a cellular level. Guided by spirit and intuition Marci works to shift and unblock energy allowing your body, mind and spirit to function at its optimum level.

We begin the session talking about your goals and what is going on for you. What is discussed is an important part of the process and is coming up to be healed. Our work together may consist of hands on energy healing, intuitive guidance, use of crystals, drumming, shamanic journeying and more.

Many have experienced huge transformation in just one session and others come for several sessions. We work together to bring you to a place balance on all levels body, mind and spirit.

Please visit our Reiki and Shamanism pages for more information.