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Welcome to my Meditation and Relaxation Aids Offerings.
Guided Meditation CD

I’d like to thank all my teachers, clients and students who have taught me a great deal and have been a huge inspiration. My hope is that these recordings help you in your journey to achieve inner peace and healing.

Adult – These original guided meditations by Marci Zieff of Creating Calm are designed to promote inner calm and healing. They have been inspired by clients and students who have asked for a recording to help deepen their home practice. They can be used as a stand-alone meditation practice or in conjunction with classes. The meditations vary in length, choose the one that best serves you or listen to the entire recording each day.

Preview Sample:

Oaktree Sample – Adult


Kids – Marci created these wonderful meditations introducing your child to a number of relaxation techniques including breath work, mindfulness, progressive relaxation and guided meditation. They are presented in a fun, soothing, easy to follow format. These proven techniques encourage overall wellness, help relieve stress, increase focus and calm and help promote better sleep.

Preview Sample:

Clouds Sample – Kids



Guided Meditation CD – Adult


Guided Meditation MP3 – Adult



Guided Meditation CD – Kids

Guided Meditation MP3 – Kids


Daily Meditation Quotes – Card Set

Marci created these Daily Meditation Quotes and put them together in this beautiful 32 card gift set.
Each one has a different inspirational quote helping you further your meditation practice.

Choose one each day to contemplate or recite as a mantra. Carry one with you as a positive reminder to breathe or give them to someone special as a gift.

Each quote is crafted and color coded to correspond to one of the seven major chakra points.


Healing Crystals

Chakra Set

We also offer a full selection of Healing Crystals, from individual stones to complete Chakra Healing Sets. You can find see and purchase these at our Roots & Wings location.